WinBoss Piata Romana

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WinBoss Piata Romana

everyday: 09:00 - 07:00 

contact us: +40747089483

Winboss Piata Romana is our main gaming hall, is ready to welcome you with a wide range of cutting-edge games to entertain you and offer you a chance to win big.
Our spacious gaming hall is located in the city centre for your comfort. We hope that you will enjoy the luxurious interior design, the sophisticated atmosphere of our hall and it will be fun for you to play the best modern slots and other games.  
From excellent service and friendly staff to the carefully selected games, exquisite interior design and delisious drinks and food  — everything in the WinBoss Piata Romana gaming hall is designed to make you feel like a Boss.
Keep up to date with our big-prize promotions in WinBoss Piata Romana by following our Promotions page.
Stay tuned to find out where the next WinBoss gaming hall will open its doors!


Câștigă un BMW X5 la Piața Romană!

WIN BOSS iti premiaza loialitatea!

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